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Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Tired and Fatigued?

I hope you had a great week and you are all getting into a routine of making clean food choices, exercising and feeling energized.  If you are feeling fatigued, you may not be getting enough calories or the balance of proteins, carbs &  fats you are consuming is still a bit off.  If you are getting hungry frequently-quicker than every 3-4 hours, or maybe you aren't getting hungry, your calories may be off.

Look at your journals and review what you ate on the days you felt great and what you ate on the days you haven't felt so good.  You may notice the "bad" days were really busy, maybe you didn't sleep well and maybe you didn't eat enough protein.  Try to repeat the "good" day(s) and see if you really do feel better!  If not, let me know and we can evaluate what you are eating and come up with some sample menus to follow.

Also, if you're hungry at the end of the night, I like eating a light yogurt or low fat cottage cheese with maybe some chopped nuts or a few (2-3) Ak-Mak crackers (stone ground crackers).  You could also add a little fruit, like blueberries!

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