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Thursday, February 18, 2010

You are NOT ALONE!

You are not ALONE!  We all feel that way sometimes or ALL the time, but when you realize that and talk to others about their struggles, you can gain motivation and strength from them as well as give support and strength to them.

If you feel like you will never see results, you are wrong!  You will either feel better, lose weight, feel better in clothes, like who you see in the mirror OR GAIN WEIGHT!  WHEN YOU GIVE UP ON YOUR GOALS, YOU WILL PUNISH YOURSELF BY EATING MORE!


Hopefully you've been on track, but if you haven't, don't lose heart.  A healthy lifestyle, which includes, clean eating, exercise and a positive outlook, takes time to develop.  This isn't just 4, 6 or 8 weeks, this is 4, 6 or 8 weeks to get you on track for the rest of your life!

On another subject and one of my favorite!  I just made dinner for tonight.

Turkey "Tostada" Salad

I cooked lean ground turkey with no-salt tomato sauce, no-fat refried beans, Spanish rice (using Pam spray instead of oil), raw tomato & jalapeno salsa & chopped lettuce.  I also bought tostada shells, guacamole, shredded cheese & vinegar marinated carrots.

My family makes tostadas out of all this and they absolutely love it!  Kinda "gringo style" but its works!  I make a big salad out of most everything and skip the tostada shell, guacamole & cheese.  I know it sounds boring, but its really good and I feel like I'm eating what everyone else is eating!

4 ounces of turkey 170 cal, tomato sauce 11 cal, 1/2 cup beans 110 cal, 1/4 c rice 53 cal, 1/4 salsa (as my dressing) 10 cal, 1/2 c carrots 25 cal, 2 c lettuce 15 cal.  All together my meal is 394 calories!!!!  If you can't live without the tostada shell or can use more calories, mine are 170 calories each.  If you can, have a fresh corn tortilla instead, you'll cut out a lot of fat.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get inspired by Olympic Athletes!

The Summer Olympics are coming!!  July 27th in London!!  I get so excited to watch these athletes who have committed so much time, energy and effort into being the very best!

I've seen lots of "Olympic" workouts on T.V. recently, and I'm proud to say, "I've done some of those exercises".  But in truth, what the heck?!  They are truly amazing individuals, so take some inspiration from them and recommit to this new lifestyle.  Give yourself the pep talk and hone in on your efforts, food choices, exercise and weight loss goals!  We too can be our own Olympian!

These athletes work their entire lives to their sport and really commit 4 years to this one competition!  Give it 110% and you'll bet 110% back!

Always Struggling!!

Let me know if you are struggling with your appetite, food choices, portions, etc.  I too am struggling, its natural to struggle when trying to change old habits, but together we can succeed!

For a quick appetite suppressant, drink a cup of chicken broth, eat a dill pickle spear (not sweet!) or crunch on some celery.  All of these are quick, easy and don't add to your calories.  The vinegar in the dill pickle really helps curb hunger!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gambling on your Health

"Deck of Death" workout! If you want a fun, hard workout for home, all you need is a deck of cards and you!  If you have exercise toys like balls, bands or weights, you can incorporate them too!

Here is the workout:

Each deck of cards has 4 suits.  On a piece of paper, draw one of the suit symbols and list 1-3 individual exercises on the paper.


draw a HEART at the top of the paper; underneath write:

next paper draw a SPADE; underneath write:
SPIDERMAN PLANK (alternating knee raises to the elbow while holding a plank)

3RD paper draw a CLUB; underneath write:

4th paper draw a DIAMOND; underneath write:
TRICEP DIPS (you'll need a chair, table or bench)
BICEP CURLS (use a band, weights, or anything you can hold that weighs 5-15 lbs.)
SHOULDER CIRCLES OR SHOULDER PRESS (you can do these without props as long as you create your own resistance or use a band, weights or other object 5-15 lbs.)

Now you are ready!  Separate the deck into three equal stacks.  The object is to flip through the stacks as quick as possible by performing the exercise with the corresponding suit as many times as the card states.  Use the first stack for the first exercises listed on the sheets, the second stack for the second exercise listed and the 3rd for the last exercise listed.  I count ACES as 11, NOT 1! Jacks are 11, Queens are 12 and Kings are 13.

 Vegas style workout!! And best of all, YOU WIN!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Sure What to Eat? Here is a Simple Menu Plan!

If you still aren't sure what to eat here is a very simple menu plan to follow, you just have to adjust quantities to fit your calorie requirements:

            Coffee w/low fat milk or plain soy & splenda
             Oatmeal (original, slow cook), cinnamon & splenda (if not using protein powder).
            eat with:  protein powder or milk (or soy) or 3-6 Egg whites cooked in Pam.
        Apple, low fat string cheese, almonds
        6 inch healthy subway sandwich (off their lite menu), no mayo, oil, dressing, cheese or salt
        small green side salad w/1/2 packet of lite dressing and if you must, baked lays

        baggie of cut veggies (carrots, celery, bell pepper, broccoli, cucumber, etc.)
        2 tbsp low fat ranch dressing for dipping (if necessary)
        and 1 serving of lunch meat (turkey or chicken)
        or protein powder with water

      Broiled or grilled fish, chicken or turkey seasoned with Mrs Dash (can use Pam so it won't stick)
      brown rice
      or 1/2 yam baked w/ spray butter (no sugar or syrup)
      or 1/2 baked potato (not a jumbo potato, a small potato) w/ spray butter (no salt)
      and 1-2 cups steamed veggies-broccoli, asparagus, green beans, snap peas, swiss chard, spinach,  
      zucchini (any combo-can use a little spray butter or 1 tbsp parmesan cheese)
      option:  add a small green salad with 1-2 tbsp lite dressing

Snack (options for salty or sweet):
       low fat cottage cheese with Ak-Mak stone ground wheat crackers (get them at Vons)
       or low fat greek yogurt w/1/2 tbsp honey or Agave Nectar (Sprouts) & blueberries
       or low fat yogurt (low sugar) w/ berries & 1/4 cup Fiber One cereal or 1 serving chopped nuts
       or Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop! popcorn with 1 serving of lunch meat or left over chicken
       or Clif Mojo Bar or Fiber One Bar

Hope this helps!!
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