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Welcome to Alexis Martin's "Get Focused, Get Fit" blog! I hope this helps you set attainable goals and more importantly, REACH your goals! Check back regularly for updates and new helpful hints to stay on track!

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Alexis Martin

Exercise Buddy-Walk, Run, Swim, Cycle

On this page, you have an opportunity to hook up with others who are looking for a workout partner. Post your activity schedule along with your e-mail and you might meet an old friend or make a new one! Don't be afraid, this blog has gone to people in our community who know me, so you shouldn't get anyone creepy! Or at least not any creepier than me!

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  1. Here is MY SCHEDULE!

    Monday: 8-10 am workout on my own, walk/run in Blossom Valley or participate in spin/circuit combo class at C3 Fitness

    Tuesday: 8-8:45am run at Hilton Head Park
    9-10 run circuit class at C3 Fitness (focus on upper body or lower body, circuit with weights, bands, bosu, TRX, pliometrics & cardio)
    10-11 am weight lifting on my own at C3
    4:30-5:30 run circuit at Martin Furniture

    Wednesday: 8:30-9:15am teach spin at C3 Fitness;
    9:15-10 run full body cardio circuit, 1 minute intervals
    6:30-7:30pm teach spin at McGrath YMCA

    Thursday: 9-10am teach spin at McGrath YMCA every other week;
    9-10am sub or participate in circuit at C3 Fitness
    4:30-5:30 run circuit at Martin Furniture

    Friday: 8-10 am run/walk Blossom Valley

    Saturday: 8-9:30 run or participate in spin/circuit combo at C3 Fitness


    If you would like to join me or participate in any of my classes, let me know! If you need a push or partner at times I'm not working, let me know!