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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick and Simple Ways to Work Out at Work

Not getting your 30 minutes + of exercise everyday?  Here are some quick & simple ways to work your workouts into your hectic day!

While a regular workout routine is an essential part of reaching your weight-loss goals, there will be times when your job or family obligations get in the way of exercising. Although Dr. Arthur Agatston, author of the South Beach Diet Supercharged, recommends a daily 20-minute exercise routine — alternating days of interval walks and days of core-strengthening exercises — he suggests that even on those days when your schedule is crammed, you try to get in a five- or ten-minute walk or simply incorporate more movement throughout the day. After all, some exercise is always better than none. If you can’t find time for fitness before or after work, here are seven tips to help you squeeze fitness into your workday.
  1. Park farther away from the office, or get off public transportation at an earlier stop.
  2. Take the stairs, especially if you have just a few flights to climb. (If you don't have to take the stairs, go up & down them anyway!
  3. Go for a walk during lunch. If you bring your lunch to work, use the time you save buying lunch to take a walk around the block.
  4. Walk over to coworkers’ desks when you need to chat with them or deliver messages rather than using e-mail or the phone.
  5. Instead of meeting friends in the office or over lunch, meet to take a walk instead.
  6. Use your headset or cell phone and walk around while talking on the phone.
  7. Stretch occasionally while sitting at your desk or leave a light pair of weights at work and do some upper-body exercises.
  8. Once you are home, take a walk around your neighborhood after dinner.  Get your spouse, family or a friend to walk with you.  This is a great time to get to know what is going on in everyone's life!
If you still can't figure out how to get moving, you are trying really hard NOT TO DO IT!  Put that effort into trying to get in your 30 minutes & you'll always find time!

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