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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday...did you survive the weekend? Also, what am I drinking??

Yes, we all look forward to the weekend, but when you are on an exercise & eating routine, the weekends can be really hard!  So many temptations, so many distractions, so easy to get lazy & soooo many excuses available!!  Getting through can be tough, but when you get to Monday, you'll either feel triumphant or guilty.  Either way, don't give up, its time to renew your vows you've made to yourself, its time to be proud of sticking to it, or time to pep talk yourself back on schedule.

On to another subject...  Now that we've been keeping track of our food, cleaning up our eating, its time to evaluate what we are drinking.  Are you drinking 8+ glasses of water every day?  If not, try and start your morning with a tall glass of water, it'll get your thirst buds working.  Also, try not to drink it all at once.  Keep a bottle at your side all the time and sip, sip, sip!

Are you drinking a lot of coffee, tea, sports drinks, juice, soda?  If you normally drink a lot of these, try and replace some of your servings with water.  Since we're tracking our calories, you don't really want to  DRINK your calories, you should EAT them.

Limit coffee to 2 cups (caffeinated) with low-fat or non-fat milk or soy.  Stay away from powdered or processed "creamers" and sweeten coffee with Stevia (a natural sweetener w/0 calories), Splenda or Nutrasweet.  If drinking de-caf, you can drink a little more.

If you drink tea, try and replace regular black tea with green or herbal tea.  If its herbal (caffeine free) this can also count as your water!

Juice is very high in sugar, so I would recommend you eat your fruits and not drink them.  If you love OJ in the morning, its okay, but make sure you eat something with it like egg whites, toast, oatmeal, almonds, etc.  The sugar will make your blood-sugar spike if it isn't consumed with protein & fat.

Finally, do you drink a lot of Sports drinks or soda?  Sports drinks were made for athletes that are working at a anaerobic level (which means breathless), so unless you are sweating profusely, stay away from sports drinks.  Very high in sugar and calories!  If you get light-headed during your workouts, have a sports drink available to sip, but also drink water.  You shouldn't be drinking them regularly or drinking them in place of water.

Now for soda.... there is nothing good in soda and even if its diet, can cause our bodies to retain water and fat.  If you must drink it, drink diet, but only drink 1 per day.  I'm not talking about a 32-ounce gut buster either!!  One can per day!

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