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Friday, January 8, 2010

Eating Breakfast & using Protein Powder

Yay!  We are on our way to being leaner, toner, healthier and hopefully HAPPIER people!!  Thank all of you for committing to the challenge, but more important, for committing to yourself!  I've gotten lots of great questions from you and I will be answering them here on the blog so you all get the information.  Please leave comments and other questions on the blog so we can all learn and grow.

I noticed when accessing my food and activity journal, the public can't review my personal journal entries, so at the end of my postings, I'm going to add them.  They will probably make each posting a little long, but I'll put a heading where they start so you don't have to read them if you don't want to.

Answers to your questions:  What should I eat for breakfast?
Answer:  There are lots of things to eat!  I eat quick and easy stuff because I'm running out the door to the gym, so I'll give you some quick foods and some cooked foods.  Oatmeal (not flavored packets) is great.  I buy Old Fashioned, scoop 1/3 to 1/2 c into a bowl, add water and nuke for 1 minute.  I add protein powder (vanilla) and lots of ground cinnamon.  Sometimes I add dried or fresh blueberries, cranberries or raisins.  I also eat a fat with it so either add lite, plain soy milk (or 2% milk), or eat a serving of almonds.  The protein sweetens the oatmeal enough for me that I don't have to add more sweetener.  If I don't mix it w/protein, I'll add 1 Splenda.

Another great fast breakfast is Fiber One cereal.  The Original is the best for us, but tastes like sticks :( .  So I eat Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal w/Soy (it tastes great!).  It has 51% of my daily fiber needs, its slightly sweet but doesn't have a lot of sugar and fills me up.  The biggest bonus is I get a whole cup!  Most cereal portions are less than a cup.  If you don't like Soy milk, 2% milk would be great for the fat content.  You can also add blueberries (sm. handful), strawberries(3-5), or 1/2 a banana.  I'd stick to berries over bananas though, but once in awhile thats okay.  You should also try Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 cereals.  Their bread is not my favorite, but the Sprouted Flax cereal is good hot or cold, sprinkled on yogurt or eaten dry with blueberries.  It also has more protein than most cereals and is high in fiber!

When I want hot food I make EggBeaters.  I've tried lots of egg substitutes and EggBeaters tastes like real egg.  I'll cook 3/4 to 1 cup of this and its only 30 calories per 1/4 cup as opposed to an egg which is 75 calories for one!  Not to mention the high cholesterol and fat in an egg.  If you don't like EggBeaters, eat egg whites (4-6 is a serving) or 1 whole egg mixed with 2-3 egg whites.  Cook with Pam spray (butter flavored is good) and not butter or oil.  I'll eat this with one corn tortilla, a 1/4 cup of beans (no fat, low salt-Safeway brand is the best for canned) and 1-2 tbsp of salsa. Or eat the eggs with a slice of whole grain toast with sugar-free jam. also has great quick egg recipes, check them out!

What is protein powder and what do I buy?
Answer for what to buy:  First & foremost buy what tastes good.  If it tastes bad, you won't use it.  I use Protozyme vanilla and chocolate.  It tastes great!  But I cannot get it anymore so I will soon be on the hunt for a new powder.   My best recommendation is to go to Henry's or a nutrition store and ask what tastes good.  I prefer soy or egg based protein, whey is hard to digest unless its processed well (Protozyme is whey based).  Also, look for a protein powder without sugar or carbs.  If it says "Meal Replacement" its actually a MEAL, not just protein.  Meal replacements are fine, but many are high in fat and sugar and lots of other junk.

Answer for what is protein powder:  Protein powder is a food supplement that helps you meet your protein intake requirement for the day.  If you write down what you eat, 9 out of 10 times you aren't getting enough protein.  Protein builds muscle and helps metabolize sugars & fats in your body.  Protein also helps (along with fiber) you feel full.  It also has a lot of amino acids and vitamins we need.  I like it because its quick, easy, tasty and helps me not crash or get jittery.  I use chocolate to make smoothies with just water and ice or a little bit of milk and I use vanilla in my cereal, oatmeal and fruit smoothies.

Hope this helps!!

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