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Friday, June 8, 2012

Had a Glitch, but I Am Back On!

Hi there!

Sorry I haven't had any new posts, I was dealing with a glitch on my blog and finally figured it out.

Anyway, hope you are working out, eating well (healthy) and feeling great!  Just a quick suggestion while I am thinking about it.  If you have a hard time coming up with new menus, or ways to cook that sad chicken breast, try "All Recipes Dinner Spinner!"

The website, has great recipes from simple to complex and healthy to decadent.  But now they have a new App for Android or the iPhone that helps you plan your meal anywhere, anytime!  All you do is input your main ingredient, or pick from several options and the Dinner Spinner will come up with a menu for you!  Depending on what version you get, you can also create a shopping list from your new menu!

I use all the time, but now I am having fun with the Dinner Spinner.  I actually will use it while I'm in the grocery store, especially when I see a vegetable or meat I would like to try, but have no idea how to prepare!  I have learned how to prepare brussel sprouts, swiss chard and celery root and love them now!  I never would have attempted cooking them before.

Try it out, you'll love the change and find new foods you like!  Bon a petit!

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